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What was the Holocaust ?

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The Holocaust or Shoah, is the name given to the extermination of people of Jewish religion during the Second World War. Between 1939 and 1945, the Nazis, members of a racist german political party, wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe. They invented an extermination system which would lead to the Holocaust. 

But why did the Holocaust happen?

In the 1920s, Adolf Hitler, a german politician, declared that Jews were subhuman and that Germans were superior beings. In the 1930s, Hitler became leader of the Nazi party that came to power in Germany and forbade Jews to work, go to school, or to come and go freely… In 1939, he started the Second World War. The Nazis conquered many countries including France and forced Jews to wear a yellow star. From then on, more and more Jews were sent to concentration camps where they starved and had to work until they dropped. Then they were sent to death camps where they were killed in gas chambers. Nearly seven million people were killed during the Holocaust! Over 5 million Jews, but also romany gypsies, nomads from eastern Europe, disabled people, communists, homosexuals and blacks. Everyone the Nazis thought inferior or who opposed them! So we never forget this terrible period of history and so it never happens again, the 27 January is dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims. 

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