Vidéo : What will be the impact of brexit on Europeans ?

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What will be the impact of brexit on Europeans ?


Pour l'immense majorité des entreprises britanniques, le Brexit est une source d'angoisse. 

Brexit : quel impact s'il n'y a pas d'accord ? 

Both the break with the EU, and the risk to be associated with it would be bad for business and damaging to the UK economy. But, what would be the consequences of the messy Brexit divorce for Europe? The 27 other members of the EU are Britain's closest trading partners, around 20 million European tourists visit every year, and 3.7 million EU citizens currently live the UK.

We've heard a lot about what the consequences of Brexit could be for the UK, but what would be the impact on the rest of Europe? Will Europeans still be able to hope on the Eurostar and visit London without a visa ? And what are some of the concerns of the 3.7 million EU citizens who've chosen to set up home in the UK.

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Publié le 25/09/20

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