Vidéo : What will Boris mean for Brexit? - L'actualité en anglais

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France 24
EMC02:41Publié le 25/09/2020

What will Boris mean for Brexit? - L'actualité en anglais


Il a le job le plus côté de la politique britannique :  Boris Johnson. 

L'impact de Boris Johnson sur le Brexit (texte en anglais)

Johnson once said that he'd be more likely to be reincarnated as an olive than to become prime minister...But behind all this, what will his time in office mean for the Brexit process? Boris Johnson is sometimes nicknamed the UK’s Donald Trump: blonde, outspoken and highly divisive. But the man who’s just become Britain’s new prime minister has a long political career behind him and his bumbling, humourous persona hides an agile operator.  So what will his promotion to 10 Downing Street mean for Brexit? Does it automatically spell a ‘no-deal’?

Nom de l'auteur : Journaliste : Catherine Norris-Trent, Production & Édition : Valérie Fouace, Illustration : Adel Gastel

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Publié le 25/09/20

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