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Where does the news come from ?

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Television, radio, newspapers, Internet… News is everywhere. To find out news, journalists observe and report events, question witnesses, investigate. When they’re not in the field, they use “sources” to get information.

Where do these sources come from?

Press agencies are a major source of information. People work for them day and night, keeping track of the whole world and being on the spot when something happens to inform the media. Press secretaries regularly tell journalists what their boss is doing. Journalists also count on people they know so as not to miss a scoop. According to their specialty, their contacts are scientists, judges, the police or politicians. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are also a vast source of information… more or less true. In fact, to make people laugh or to get noticed, people sometimes tell lies. Others say silly things because they don’t check what they write. That’s why journalists always check their facts with specialists, official authorities and even other media. When they are sure, journalists can then write their article. 

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