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Who invented Facebook ?

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It was Mark Zuckerberg, when he was a student in psychology and IT at Harvard University. In 2004, he created a photo album on the Internet, just for students of Harvard. This invention was originally called The Facebook, and Zuckerberg ran it as one of his hobby projects. To get on Facebook, university students signed up by giving their name, age and relationship status. Everyone could publish photos and texts, which would be seen and read by their friends and their friends’ friends. It was a network of “friends”. This new way of communicating was a success which spread to other american universities. In 2006, 2 years after its invention, the social network Facebook was open to everyone in the world.

Facebook was therefore invented by Mark Zuckerberg, because he launched a new Internet service.

Since then, Internet is not only used to find information, but allows people to be interconnected. Members of a network contact each other via a website and share information, photos, videos or chat. In 10 years, the social networks have become incredibly important and indispensable. Facebook is the leading social network in the world with 1.49 billion members, more than the population of China! Other social networks, such as YouTube, WhatsApp or Twitter, are becoming just as popular worldwide.

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