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Who invented soccer ?

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The word soccer is a shortened version of the term “association football”. 

So, did the English invent the game? 

Well, yes and no. In ancient times already the Greeks, Romans and before them, the Chinese, played with a ball. The first sport a bit like football was probably taken across the channel when William the Conqueror invaded England. But the number of players varied from one village to another, the game was violent, ruthless, and there were no shin pads! From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, this medieval football was very popular in England. However, it generated a lot of violence, fights, broken windows and was often banned by the authorities. During the Renaissance in the 16th century, Italy developed a better organized version of the game, with teams of 2 different colors: the Calcio! Finally, everything changed thanks to british university clubs. In 1848, Cambridge University rules set the basis of modern football. And in 1863, former english university students founded the Football Association which defined the rules for all teams. The match between London and Sheffield in 1866 was a turning point; the size and weight of the ball as well as 90 minutes play were agreed on. Since then, football’s popularity has never stopped growing: from England, it went on to Europe, then America, Africa, Asia and Australia!

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