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What is “Alice in Wonderland”?

A Question A Day

It’s one of the most famous children’s books in the world, yet it was written over 150 years ago! The heroine of the book is Alice, a little girl of about 10, who tumbles into a fantasy world. There she meets some peculiar characters like the white rabbit, the mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat, and the Queen of hearts. 

Why is Alice in Wonderland so famous?

Alice in Wonderland is a very original fantasy tale that has often been adapted for film and cartoon. Its author, Lewis Carroll, was a math teacher who first invented this story to amuse his friend’s daughters. There are some hidden meanings in the novel that grown-ups can understand. Alice in Wonderland is also a critical view of society in 19th century England. The situations and absurd dialogues in the novel make fun of the strict rules in British society. In Wonderland, time doesn’t run properly and the characters are sometimes… disturbing or cruel. Nothing like traditional children’s stories where everyone is "nice" and "kind". Alice’s body also goes through changes, which are seen today as symbols of puberty. Alice in Wonderland is what we call a roman à clef, where real persons or events are disguised.

Nom de l'auteur : Jacques Azam

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Année de copyright : 2018

Publié le 24/07/18

Modifié le 21/03/19

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