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Who is Andy Warhol ?

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Andy Warhol is a very famous American artist who died in 1987 when he was 58. When he was small, Andy Warhol spent his time drawing. He loved going to the movies and reading superhero comic strips. At 21, he got an art degree and went to New York. He quickly got jobs in advertising by drawing… Shoes! Everyone wanted to work with him. He thought he was ugly, so he invented a look: a peroxide blonde wig and black glasses. But do we still talk about him because of his look?

If Andy Warhol is so famous, it’s because of his pop art work. 

Pop art is an artistic trend that sprang up in Great Britain in the 50s. Pop art artists started off with everyday objects that you could buy in supermarkets. Andy Warhol started painting bottles of Coca-Cola and cans of soup. Then he started painting photos of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein. In his workshop, the Factory, he painted thousands of paintings that he reproduced thanks to the technique of silkscreen painting. His parties were all the rage. An all-rounder artist, he also directed films, edited magazines, and produced a rock band! He is one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

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