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Who is Ella Fitzgerald ?

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She is a great american singer who sang jazz: a type of rhythmic music invented by African Americans in the 19th century. She was born on 25 April 1917 in Virginia and died in 1996 in Beverly Hills, California.

But why is Ella Fitzgerald so famous?  

Because she made her mark on jazz. When she was 18, Ella won a singing competition and was hired by a jazz orchestra to tour the United States. One day on stage, she forgot the words of the song and replaced them with syllables and sounds she made up. People loved it. This type of scat singing is what made her famous. Then, she continued her solo career and performed in concert halls all over the world with the best musicians. She also gave concerts against racism and to defend black rights in the United States. Her style, her beautiful singing voice and generosity made Ella a star. She was nicknamed the “First Lady of Song” as much for her talent as for the zest she put into her singing. Throughout her career, Ella was awarded 13 Grammy awards, the equivalent of Oscars for music, and other awards from many countries. She died at the age of 79, very sick. Even today, Ella Fitzgerald is a model for many female jazz singers.

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