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Who is Hillary Clinton?

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Hillary Clinton is an american politician. She was born in 1947 in the town of Chicago… And she is the democratic candidate in the 2016 american presidential election. The republican candidate, running against her is Donald Trump.

But why is everyone talking about Hillary Clinton?

Because she is the first woman with a chance of becoming president of the USA. In fact, Hillary Clinton started politics when she was only 17. Then she did well in law school, met Bill Clinton, her future husband, and became a famous lawyer. In 1993, Bill Clinton ran for president and… was elected. As first lady, Hillary took an active part in her husband’s political decisions. 7 years later, she became the first woman to enter the Senate. She fought hard so all Americans could have proper healthcare. In 2008, she herself ran for president, but it was Barack Obama who was elected. He appointed her as Secretary of State, or Foreign Minister. She resigned in 2012, and announced shortly afterwards that she was running for president of the United States in 2016. So, will Hillary Clinton go down in history as being the first woman president of the United States?

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