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Who is Marilyn Monroe ?

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Marilyn Monroe is an american actress, born on June 1st 1926. She died over 50 years ago, in mysterious circumstances. She is still one of the most famous celebrities in the world!

Why is Marilyn Monroe so famous?

To start with, her life wasn’t easy! Norma Jean Mortenson, her real name, never knew her father and her mother was mentally ill. She often lived in foster homes. But Norma Jean was intelligent, driven, and very beautiful! She dreamt of becoming a Hollywood star! When she was 20, she dyed her hair blonde, became a model and called herself Marilyn Monroe. She also took acting lessons. Marilyn was playing small roles in movies when a famous director noticed her talent. Bingo! She signed a contract with 20th Century Fox Studios. The actress then appeared in successful movies, such as The Seven Year Itch, with the famous scene where her dress gets blown upwards by a subway grate.

Marilyn became a very popular actress but also a sex symbol, a charming young woman who admirers dream of. Her career was successful. But not her private life! She had several failed relationships and 3 divorces. Marilyn never had any children, which was a tragedy for her! She became depressive and had alcohol and drug abuse issues. Marilyn died of an overdose at the age of 36. Suicide or murder? It’s still a mystery… which helps perpetuate the myth!

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