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Who is Walt Disney ?

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Walt Disney is a cartoon maker and an american producer. Mickey Mouse, the character he invented, made him famous all over the world. Even if he died over 50 years ago, children still remember his name!

Why was Walt Disney so successful?

In 1923, Walt Disney opened a small animation studio. Quite a risk! In those days, cartoons were rare and they were still in black-and-white and silent. But Disney had great ideas: he invented the characters of Mickey Mouse and his gang, and produced the first talking cartoons. They were a success! Audiences loved them and Mickey Mouse became an international star. In 1938, Disney had a big hit movie with Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, the first color cartoon. Walt Disney was also an impressive businessman: he turned Mickey Mouse into a comic strip hero. Then into a TV star in the 1950s in The Mickey Mouse Club Show. He invented the first theme park and opened Disneyland in California. Walt Disney died a millionaire in 1966 and his entertainment empire was one of the most powerful in the world. Since then, Disney Studios have produced over 250 films and cartoons, opened 5 new theme parks, and still make dreams for young and old alike!

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