Vidéo : Why are ice fields melting ?

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Why are ice fields melting ?

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Ice all around the world is melting due to the effects of global warming. The ice we are talking about here can be glaciers and the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps. Mountain glaciers and what we call “permanent snow” is slowly melting. 

In the Arctic, sea ice which forms the polar ice cap is getting smaller in surface area and volume!

As the planet warms up, the ice cap breaks and melts more quickly. Scientists are worried that the more ice melts in summer, the harder it is to freeze again in winter. Ice that has been there for centuries is now diminishing. On the other side of the Earth, the Antarctic ice cap is also getting smaller. The main reason why all this ice is melting is global warming caused by greenhouse gases. There are many consequences: humans and animals living in the Arctic will lose their natural habitat… Ocean levels will rise causing floods in other regions of the world. Climate change affects the whole planet: humans, animals and plants. That is why it is crucial that countries respect their COP21 commitments so as to limit global warming and stop ice fields melting.

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