Why are there very rich and very poor people?

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We say that someone who lives on less than 1.90$ is extremely poor. 

It’s the case of 800 million people in the world, who are mainly in Asia and Africa. Very rich people are billionaires, there are about 1,800 of them in the world. Between them they are richer than half the worlds’ population. The richest man in the world is the American Bill Gates, who founded the software company, Microsoft. He is worth 90 billion $ which means he’s richer than countries like Ivory Coast or Bolivia. Most of the super-rich people are CEO’s of companies, especially in the field of new technologies.

Poor people often live in undeveloped countries. Their poverty means they have no schools, no electricity, roads or businesses. Poverty is reinforced by inequality and the unfair sharing of wealth. Wars and natural disasters such as drought are also causes of poverty. Thanks to international aid programs the number of poor people is slowly going down. According to the World Bank in 1990, one in three people in the world were very poor. Today that proportion is now 1 in 10.

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