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Why do children work in some countries ?

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There are 264 million children working in the world… That’s nearly 1 child in 10! Children work in nearly every country in the world… Often, it’s poverty that makes children work instead of going to school. Even if their parents work, their families need the money the children earn to live.

But are children allowed to work?

Children can work, if certain conditions are respected. That’s why certain international texts, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child or Convention 182 have very strict rules about children working. These rules fix a minimum age and how long children can work. They also state that the work should not put children’s health in danger or stop them going to school.
When children don’t go to school, they have difficulty getting well paid jobs once they are grown-up and get out of poverty. Some countries are too poor to forbid children from working but have made it compulsory to go to school. Like in Bolivia, in South America, where children can work from the age of 10 if their job does not affect their education or their health. This allows children to help their families… without completely sacrificing their future. 

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