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Why do people have tattoos ?

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Today, lots of people have tattoos; bankers, singers or bakers. People all round the world have tattoos. In France, for example, it’s one in 10 and 3 times as many as that in the US! Yet, getting tattooed hurts! The tattoo artist injects ink into the skin with needles, and the tattoo stays forever!

So, why do so many people have tattoos?

Tattoos aren’t new: they’ve been around over 5,000 years. Originally, some humans wore tattoos to show they belonged to a clan. Then, tattoos were worn by tough guys: sailors, bikers and criminals. Then in the 90s, sports people and famous singers got tattoos, and everyone saw them in the media. Now the image of the tattoo has improved, and more and more people want one. People decide to get a tattoo because they like a particular drawing. But also because getting a tattoo has a meaning: it marks a point in their life, expresses an idea or shows an aspect of their personality. To get a tattoo, you must be over 18 and choose a tattoo artist who changes needles every time so as not to spread diseases. And before getting a tattoo, think carefully! A tattoo is for life!

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