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Why do we brush our teeth ?

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Brushing our teeth helps to avoid getting cavities. Cavities are little holes in your teeth that can really hurt! Whose fault? Microbes living inside your mouth.

But why are your teeth so precious?

Until you’re 6, you have 20 milk teeth, which then drop out to leave room for your 32 permanent teeth that you’ll keep all your life! Your teeth are like tools. They cut, tear and crush food. They help you speak. To pronounce D’s and T’s you need your front teeth, the incisors. Your teeth can feel heat and cold and even tiny bits of food stuck between them because they are alive. There are nerves in the middle of your teeth, under a layer of dentin, a sensitive tissue covered by enamel, the famous protective surface. Every time you eat, little bits of food get stuck between your teeth. Microbes that live in your mouth feed on this, thrive and make an acid that can damage your enamel. After a while, there’s a hole: a cavity. The dentin is not protected anymore and that hurts. Brushing your teeth gets rid of the bits of food and stops microbes feeding on it! Avoid eating too much sugar because they love that too! If, in spite of all these precautions, you feel a cavity, go see the dentist. A dentist will treat you and tell you how to look after your teeth!

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