Vidéo : Why should we be careful about what we eat ?

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Why should we be careful about what we eat ?

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Before humans lived in nice houses with full fridges, they were hunter gatherers. Prehistoric humans lived on roots, berries and meat. There was no such thing as sodas, ice cream and pizza. Over centuries, our food has changed.

So we eat better now, don’t we?

Yes, because agriculture has given us vegetables, cereals, meat and dairy products. That’s good. But agriculture also means we produce more sugar and fat. We’ve been eating more and more industrial products for 100 years. These factory-produced foods, like biscuits or potato chips often contain more sugar and fat than they should. Why? Because our body loves it! The body of the hunter gatherer is crazy about food that never existed naturally. People can’t get enough. Agri-food professionals know that. They put sugar in lots of  food, even savoury stuff. This unnatural food makes people get fat. They become overweight, sometimes even obese. And that’s dangerous for the body. It damages joints, overworks the heart and increases the risk of disease. That’s why we should never eat food that has too much fat or sugar in it. Unfortunately, processed foods are cheap and easy to eat. Unlike better quality food that contains these tastes in limited quantities but which is better for our “prehistoric body”.

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