Vidéo : Why must we protect the oceans ?

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Why must we protect the oceans ?

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More than half the planet is covered by oceans. There’s the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. But to be exact, we should talk about a World Ocean. Because all the oceans are linked, and share the ocean currents that go around the world. 

What dangers threaten the ocean?

In the oceans there are hugely valuable natural resources such as fish or oil. Some businesses take too many of these reserves or create lots of pollution by doing so. What’s more, most goods are transported by huge ships that sail on the oceans, creating even more pollution. Climate change also disturbs the balance of the ocean, endangering animals who live there. The world Ocean is not just essential for marine animals, it is vital for the whole planet. The ocean produces half the oxygen on the planet. On its surface, there are microscopic algae that absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. Pollution and global warming affect these algae, which absorb less CO2. This increases global warming… and so on. These algae are also the basic food of minute animals that in turn feed bigger fish. So, no more algae, no more fish! Everything is linked, like the oceans are linked to each other, and our life on Earth is linked… to healthy oceans.

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