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Why do we have to wash our hands ?

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It makes them smell nice ;-) but also stops us from catching and spreading diseases.

That’s right, you can’t imagine all the invisible stuff on your hands! 

There are often lots of microscopic organisms called bacteria or germs. These bacteria cause illnesses, such as colds and gastroenteritis. If you don’t wash your hands and fingers, they stay on your skin and contaminate everything you touch: people and objects. It’s only natural that your hands get dirty: you’re always using them to touch things! But you don’t need to wash them every 5 minutes,  just at certain times: before and after eating, after going to the bathroom… After stroking your dog or cat, after blowing your nose or coughing… When you get home from school, before going to bed. And of course when you touch something dirty. 

The best way to wash your hands? 

Put soap in the palm and the back of your hands, between the fingers and on the fingertips. No need to spend all day: if you do it right, 30 seconds is enough! To time yourself, just this little song 3 times: Soap and water on both hands! Soap and water on both hands! All the germs get washed away, with soap and water on both hands!

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