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Why is blood so important for the body ?

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Blood is vital for the organs of your body: the brain, muscles and bones… Blood carries everything your body needs. That’s why we talk about blood circulation. Your arteries and veins are like freeways where blood rushes around at top speed! 

But what’s in blood exactly?

Blood is a mixture of lots of things. First there are red blood cells which give blood its color. These cells carry oxygen breathed in by your lungs to different organs. There are also white blood cells that protect your body from germs. They stay on alert and attack any intruders. Then, there are platelets that do everything to stop you bleeding when you cut yourself. Finally, blood carries food to different parts of your body, like sugar for example. Blood has other missions, such as picking up waste. It carries waste from the organs so it can be eliminated. That’s why blood is so important and there are often appeals to give blood. People who are sick or injured need blood to have good blood circulation… And keep their body working properly. So, when you’re a healthy grown up, why don’t you give blood?

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