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Why is ivory so valuable?

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You’ve probably heard of elephants and rhinos being killed for their horns or their tusks.

Their horns and tusks are stolen because they are made of ivory, a rare and precious substance. 

It’s an organic material, made by certain animals such as the narwhal, the elephant or the rhinoceros.
In ancient times, narwhals were hunted for their ivory because people thought this fantastic animal had extraordinary powers. Over the years, ivory was used to make piano keys, billiard balls, jewels, sculptures or religious decorations. But to get the ivory, men slaughtered animals. In the 20th century, so much ivory was being sold that in 1989, it was banned by all countries. Because elephant and rhinoceros populations were being depleted; they are now endangered and protected species. 
Unfortunately, when a species is endangered, the ivory sells for even more! In 2016, 20,000 elephants were massacred by poachers in Africa. 1 kg of ivory sells for around 1,000 dollars, so sellers are sure to make a lot of money. Fortunately, China, the world’s biggest consumer of ivory, has decided to ban its trade at the end of 2017. There are 25,000 rhinos left in the world and 470,000 elephants in Africa. It’s still time to save these last great mammals!

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