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Why is Korea divided in 2 countries ?

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Korea, in Asia, is a land neighboring China and surrounded by the sea. In its history, Korea was often invaded by its neighbors. In 1910, it fell into the hands of the Japanese. When Japan lost the Second World War, in 1945, the territory was split between the 2 great powers that won the war: in the north, the Soviet Union, and in the south, the United States.

But why was Korea never unified?

After the war, the Soviet Union and the United States became rivals in what’s called the Cold War. Quickly, tension built up between North and South Korea who had very different political regimes. In 1950, war broke out. It lasted 3 years and in the end, the 2 countries never signed a peace treaty. Today, the 2 Korea are still sworn enemies. The border between them cannot be crossed. Everything opposes the 2 states. South Korea is a rich democracy, open to the world and new technologies. North Korea, however, is a country closed to the world: no one can enter or leave. Internet access is forbidden. People live in great poverty, terrorized by Kim Jong-un, an authoritarian leader they are forced to admire. A dictator who has the atomic bomb that he regularly tests. That worries not only neighboring South Korea, but the whole world.

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