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Why is the city of New York so famous ?

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New York is not the biggest city, nor does it have the biggest population. It’s not even the capital city of the United States. 

And yet New York is famous! 

Because it’s a champion in many domains. Really? Which ones? Firstly, New York is champion for diversity. Between 1892 and 1954, millions of migrants from all over the world came to escape war, poverty or simply looking for success. Today, New York comprises 167 different nationalities! It’s as if New York brings together the whole world in a single city. Perhaps that’s why the United Nations set up its headquarters there 70 years ago. It encourages dialogue and peace between countries. New York is also a champion for trade and finance. Multinational companies, big powerful businesses, have their offices in buildings so high we call them “skyscrapers”. And there are lots of skyscrapers. With its 104 stories, the One World Trade Center is the highest in the US. It was built in homage to the towers that fell during the attacks of 9/11… proof that New York can pick itself up after the worst disasters. New York is also a champion of culture and entertainment. Thanks to Broadway musicals, films and TV series and its famous opera, the city we call The Big Apple will carry on making us dream!

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