Vidéo : Entraînement à la compréhension orale (1er avril)

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Entraînement à la compréhension orale (1er avril)

Les cours Lumni - Lycée

Today, Linda and Erwann explain to you the strategies to put in place to train you in the oral comprehension of a video document in English from a BBC report: "Mural painted by Banksy appears in school playground".

Entraînement à la compréhension orale à partir d'un reportage de la BBC

Oral comprehension training

Before launching the report included in this course, your teachers will give you a lot of advice and the best strategy to ask yourself the right questions in order to approach this oral comprehension exercise as best as possible. This course first in English will return an instant course in French, which will allow you to verify that you have understood the explanations before seeing the video, it will be viewed twice during this course.

Downloadcourse material and a transcript of the newsin PDF format.

Réalisateur : Didier Fraisse

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Année de production : 2020

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