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Le débat : la construction d'un argumentaire - cours d'anglais

Les cours Lumni - Lycée

Les profs d'anglais, Erwan et Lynda, proposent un entraînement à l'exercice du débat.

Retrouvez le support de cours en PDF.

Comment construire un argumentaire ? (texte en anglais)

Schools and universities have their debating societies
Debating societies are a tradition in English speaking countries
What's debating ?

Essential to any democracy, allows opinions to be voiced

Famous debates in literature:

  • 12th/13th century: first comic poem written in Middle English: The Owl and the Nightingale
  • 16th/17th century: W. Shakespeare’s play

Famous debates in politics:

  • 1858 Douglas v. Lincoln debates
  • 1960 Kennedy v. Nixon debates: Much Ado About Nothing

To win a debate, you need to :

  • Do research & believe in yourself
  • Tell listeners your argument
  • Have 3 key points
  • Listen to the opposition
  • Enjoy debating

Vocabulaire anglais pour faire un argumentaire

Useful expressions to concede :

  • It’s true that…
  • As you said…
  • I couldn’t agree more…
  • Maybe you’re right when you say…

Useful expressions to oppose :

  • However,
  • Yet,
  • But,
  • I really want to insist on…
  • I would beg to differ…

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