Vidéo : American football - Culture et connaissance en anglais

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Anglais04:21Publié le 18/10/2021

American football - Culture et connaissance en anglais

Let's go Lumni!

Fan de foot, Maéva pense devenir la meilleure joueuse de football américain pendant son séjour aux USA... Buddy lui explique la différence entre les deux sports : la différence entre soccer et American football.

Le football américain est le sport le plus populaire aux Etats-Unis

Ce sport collectif est un mélange de foot et de rugby. Comme ce dernier, il se joue essentiellement à la main avec un ballon ovale.


- Maéva : Yes my dear Buddy, I have incredible news for you. Maéva is going to the States and she’s probably going to become the best American football player!

- Buddy : Hmm, I don’t think so. The sport you’re referring to as football is called soccer in the United-States.

- Maéva : Oh you’re right! I play soccer, and American football is a totally different sport.

- Buddy : American football was created during the 19th century by mixing traditional football rules and rugby rules.

- Maéva : Yeah, I heard it’s a quite violent game.

- Buddy : Indeed, that’s why players wear a football helmet and pads on both shoulders, knees and sometimes elbows.

- Maéva : That sounds dangerous...

- Buddy : It IS dangerous. Since it’s a full-contact sport, injuries are relatively frequent.

- Maéva : Ah ouais, carrément, les joueurs s’insultent ?

- Buddy : No, an injury is what you get when you get hurt. And American football players are very often hurt, even during training sessions.

- Maéva : Wow. And do people really like this sport?

- Buddy : Oh yes they do. American football is the most popular sport in the United-States, followed by baseball, basketball, ice hockey and… soccer. These are called  « the 5 major sports ».

- Maéva : At least there is soccer in the list... Do you know that I’ve actually never seen an American football match?

- Buddy : You’ve never seen a match but I’m sure you’ve already heard about the big championship game : the Super Bowl.

- Maéva : The Super Bowl, yes! I do know this name!

- Buddy : It’s one of the most-watched sporting events in the world: more than 100 million Americans watch it every year.

- Maéva : I think I’ve never watched it, but I’ve seen videos of the concerts.

- Buddy : The Super Bowl is indeed well-known for its incredible half-time shows. Major artists have been performing on its stage.

- Maéva :  Yeah, Coldplay, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Mickael Jackson, Shakira… Maybe I could sing there?

- Buddy : Definitely not. And you couldn’t even play the match.

- Maéva : What?

- Buddy : Well, technically you could, since women are allowed to play, but American football is almost exclusively played by men.

- Maéva : That’s a shame!

- Buddy : Yes, but… in 2015, a woman was for the first time hired as a full-time official in NFL.

- Maéva : What’s an official?

- Buddy : Officials or referees are responsible for enforcing game rules.

- Maéva : Oh right and what does NFL mean?

- Buddy : National Football League. It’s the organizer of the Super Bowl.

- Maéva : Ok, so there is a female official, but…  

- Buddy : No woman has ever played in the NFL.

- Maéva : Ok. So I will be the first woman to play American football professionally.

- Buddy : That’s wonderful! Bravo Maéva ! Mais euh… tu connais même pas les règles, si ?

- Maéva : Et voilà, tu commences déjà à chipoter !

Le football américain en quelques mots de vocabulaire 

  • Soccer : le football (européen)
  • A helmet : Un casque 
  • The shoulder : l'épaule
  • The knee : le genou
  • The elbow : le coude
  • An injury : une blessure
  • A championship : un championnat
  • A stage : une scène (pour faire un concert)

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