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Hollywood - Culture et connaissance en anglais

Let's go Lumni!

Buddy raconte la naissance et l'histoire d'Hollywood à Maéva. Ce quartier de Los Angeles, en Californie, où s'est développée l'industrie cinématographique américaine, au début du XXe siècle.

Hollywood, centre historique des studios de cinéma

- Maéva : Non mais quand même, on peut dire ce qu’on veut, mais… les films américains, quoi !

- Buddy : I have to admit Hollywood movies are quite impressive.

- Maéva : Do you know why Hollywood is such an important city in the movie industry?

- Buddy : Hollywood was created at the end of the 19th century in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

- Maéva : And what does this name mean? Hollywood? Le bois sacré ?

- Buddy : No, it would have been « Holy Wood!. Here it’s “Holly », with two L.

- Maéva : Which means?

- Budd y: Holly is a plant, with spiky leaves and red berries.

- Maéva : Ah c’est du houx ! Hollywood, c’est une ville construite dans une forêt de houx ? 

- Buddy : One of the creators of Hollywood said : « I chose the name Hollywood simply because it sounds nice ».

- Maéva : Ok, why not.

- Buddy : « and because I’m superstitious and holly brings good luck. »

- Maéva : I’m not sure you feel very lucky when you touch the spiky leaves, but ok...

- Buddy : And it remained a small city until the beginning of the 20th century, when Los Angeles became the capital of the film industry in the United States. Low land prices made Hollywood a good place to establish film studios and the first one was built in 1911.

- Maéva : And I guess after the first one there was another one, then another one...

- Buddy : Exactly. In 1923 the big sign on top of the hills was erected, reading « Hollywoodland ».

- Maéva : Are you sure? I’m quite certain it only reads “Hollywood”...

- Buddy : The “land” part was removed a few years later. And quickly, Hollywood became the most important place in the movie industry.

- Maéva : At the beginning they were silent, right?

- Buddy : Sure, there was no sound, no music. Then only music, as in the Chaplin movies. And in 1927, the “Jazz singer” was the first movie to have synchronized sound.

- Maéva : And then?

- Buddy : And then it was the Golden Age of Hollywood with world-famous stars like Jack Nicholson, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood…

- Maéva : And then?

- Buddy : Then in the seventies there was the New Hollywood with Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas...

- Maéva : And then?

- Buddy : And now, a century after its creation, Hollywood remains the symbol of the movie industry, producing dozens of blockbusters every year, including… the one we are currently watching.

- Maéva : Cool ! N’empêche qu’en France aussi on sait aussi faire des bonnes vidéos. Tu connais Lumni ?

Hollywood en quelques mots de vocabulaire

  • The neighborhood of Los Angeles : le voisinage de Los Angeles
  • Spiky leaves : des feuilles piquantes
  • A sign : un panneau
  • A silent movie : un film muet
  • The Golden Age of Hollywood : l'âge d'or d'Hollywood
  • The seventies : les années 1970
  • A century : un siècle

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Réalisateur : Benjamin Valière

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