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You should clean up!

The Twins' Podcast

Périple en Australie : ne pas laisser ses déchets dans la nature

Tom: Rose!

Tarra: G'day guys!

Rose: Hi!

Tarra: How is it going?

Rose: Great!

Tarra: Remember me? I'm Tarra, the park ranger… I patrol this area…

Tom: I remember you!

Tarra: And I can see a few issues here…

Rose: Oh Why? What's wrong?

Tarra: So I see you've had a picnic?

Tom: Yeah!

Tarra: And the left-over food on those plates? That might attract the wildlife… and human food is no good for them! It could give them diseases… It could make them sick…

Tom: We're just playing a game… and we 're going to clean up after…

Tarra: Do you not get it mate? That food, sitting out there… It's like sending an invitation to the wild animals… and they could really go for you… you could get seriously injured… This is for real! 

Rose: Sounds quite serious! 

Tarra: It is serious… you should always put leftovers away and you should always take your rubbish with you! Pack it in, pack it out! Please carry out all trash!

Rose: Ok, right… well… we'll clean up now then!

Tarra: Ok! It's best that you do! It's safer for you, it's better for the wildlife. You should always secure your site and respect the bush! Ok? Better safe than sorry… I'll check on you guys tomorrow…

Rose: Great!

Tarra: Cheerio!

Rose: Bye!

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