Vidéo : You mustn't pester koalas! - Dialogue en anglais

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You mustn't pester koalas! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Périple en Australie : ne pas embêter les koalas (texte en anglais)

Tarra: Oi! What d'you think you doin?

Rose: Hush… I just want to pet this cute koala…

Tarra: Leave the koala alone… you may get scratched!

Rose: Ok! Ok! What's the big deal?

Tarra: What's the big deal? First, koalas are nocturnal. They must sleep 18 to 20 hours a day, so you should never bother them. Second, you may get bitten or scratched… koalas have very sharp teeth and claws. Campers get hurt when they bother the koalas!

Rose: Ok ranger!

Tarra: And that is a park rule… you should never approach, disturb or pester wild animals!

Rose: Ok, ok, I've got it! 

Tarra: Now, you and that bloke, the one with the scrap book… are you related?

Rose: Yes! We're twins!

Tarra: That's what I reckoned… I'm gonna keep an eye on you two… All right… Cheerio… I'm off…

Rose: Bye!

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