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Anglais02:07Publié le 29/01/2019

You may die!!! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Périple en Australie : bien préparer son itinéraire sous peine de danger mortel (texte en anglais)

Tarra: G'day mates… I see you're leaving… where are you going?

Tom: We're going to… er… what's it called again?

Rose: to Uluru…

Tarra: Ah… Ok, that's about 750 kms from here… With road conditions, it'll probably take you about two days… So how much water are you taking with you?

Rose: Oh… We've got plenty of water! We've got about 5 or 6 bottles…

Tarra: That's not plenty… you need about 10 litres per person per day… that's 40 litres!

Tom: 40 litres!

Tarra: Yeah! Temperatures in the desert can get up to 50°C. So, believe me, you're gonna need water and air conditioning… or you may die of thirst…

Tom: Ok, I've got it!

Tarra: Now… Have you planned your trip? There are very few petrol stations between here and Uluru… So do you know where you can fill up?

Tom: No…

Tarra: You should know! Make sure you always have enough petrol to get to the next station… Also, driving after dusk can be very dangerous… Hitting a kangaroo can cause major damage to your car. And you don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere! Show me your phones actually… Ahh… Mobiles!! Crikey!! Haven't you read the warnings? Your phones won't work in the desert! You need a satellite phone…

Rose: Are you really saying that it could be dangerous to drive all the way to Uluru?

Tarra: Yeah mate! What was your first clue?

Tom: So do you think we shouldn't go?

Tarra: All I'm saying is: you haven't planned your trip properly… and that could be fatal… and I like it when my tourists stay alive… even when they are as hopeless as you two poms!

Tom: Down under, english people are called poms or pommies…

Rose: Nobody knows why… 

Tarra: Yeah, but we like you pommies…

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