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Anglais02:49Publié le 29/01/2019

Canadian experiences - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Rose et Tom sont-ils vraiment prêts à suivre leur ami canadien dans toutes les activités qu'il leur propose ?

Prêt pour l'aventure canadienne ? (texte en anglais)

Jonathan: Hi guys!

Rose: Hi Jonathan… Thanks for coming over! Smile, you're on camera!

Tom: Please meet Jonathan, our canadian friend. He is from Toronto and he's just arrived in London… And we love his Canadian accent!

Jonathan: Hi everybody! The twins want to go to Canada with me on my next vacation… but first, I need to know how adventurous they are! Are they up to the canadian challenges? So pay attention: I ask the questions… you answer, and tell the truth please! This is extremely important! Do you like maple syrup?

Rose: Yes…

Tom: So good on pancakes!

Jonathan: Yeah… and on snow but have you ever tried it on bacon?

Rose: On bacon?? No… but I'd be happy to try!

Tom: No problem with me… maple syrup and bacon… why not?

Jonathan: Good guys! Very adventurous! Now, have you ever been white-water rafting?

Rose: No!

Tom: Me neither…

Jonathan: Ok, but would you like to try?

Tom: Is it dangerous?

Jonathan: Oh no, don't worry. You choose your level… beginner, intermediate or advanced… and you are fully equipped with a helmet and a life-jacket!

Tom: OK, I'm in!

Rose: Me too!

Jonathan: Righto! Now, have you ever been… Have you ever driven a snowmobile?

Tom: No, but I'd love to! It must be so cool!!

Rose: Yeah, I'd love to too… but isn't it very expensive?

Jonathan: It isn't cheap, but my uncle and aunt live in the Rockies and they have two… so I can borrow them!

Tom: Awesome! I'd love to drive one… just like James Bond…

Rose: Tom… James Bond has never driven a snowmobile…

Tom: Yes, he has!

Rose: No, he hasn't… That's Bruce Willis… McLane… in Die Hard 2

Tom: I'm sure that James Bond has driven…

Jonathan: Come on guys… Come on guys…! Focus! Focus!

Rose: Well… Have you ever been dogsledding? I've always wanted to go dogsledding…

Jonathan: Of course I have been dogsledding… I'm a real canadian after all… And it is the ultimate canadian experience! Would you guys like to go dogsledding?

Rose: Definitely!

Tom: Yeah… definitely…

Jonathan: Ok…

Tom: So what's your verdict? Are we adventurous enough to go to Canada with you?

Jonathan: I don't know… you guys are so totally inexperienced… but you seem so happy to try… so yeah, sure… you can come with me…

Tom: Great!

Rose: I can't wait!

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