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Anglais01:58Publié le 29/01/2019

London experiences - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Rose et Tom veulent faire visiter les lieux emblématiques de Londres à Jonathan, et essayer la conduite à gauche... 

Prêt pour une aventure londonienne ? (texte en anglais)

Rose: Hey hey hey… where do you think you're going?

Jonathan: Oh…! What is it?

Tom: Well, we need to know… Are you adventurous enough to live in London?

Jonathan: Come on! I come from Canada, the land of adventure and extreme conditions!

Rose: Oh but London can have some terrifying experiences!

Tom: So are you ready to take our test? Or are you too frightened?

Jonathan: I'm scared to death, but ok… go ahead! Shoot!

Rose: Are you brave enough to visit the chambers of torture in the Tower of London?

Jonathan: Huh, horrible… But ok, I'll go. If you hold my hand Rose…

Tom: Ok! Let's focus! Now, are you fit enough to climb the 334 steps up to Big Ben?

Jonathan: No problem, easy-peasy. I've climbed Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada

Rose: Wow! You have? 

Tom: Such a show-off! Now for something really frightening… Would you drive in central London, let's say around Piccadilly Circus or Trafalguar Square?

Jonathan: But that's unfair! You know I can't drive on the wrong side of the road!

Rose: Hey, please, on the right side of the road…

Jonathan: How can the left side be the right side??

Tom: So not funny!

Rose: So, would you do it?

Jonathan: Ok, you got me there, no I wouldn't… at least not yet! I still risk my life every day just crossing the street! I always look the wrong way!

Tom: Ok, last question… have you ever been on the London Eye?

Jonathan: Not yet, no, I haven't, but I'd love to go!

Tom: Well, here… are three tickets! And we're going now! Bye everyone!

Rose: Bye…

Jonathan: Bye… I hope you come visit Canada some time!

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