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Anglais03:10Publié le 28/01/2019

Round 1, Team B - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Jeu de société : l'équipe britannique affronte l'équipe américaine.

Rose, Fiona et Tom jouent avec des hauts lieux de Grande-Bretagne ! (texte en anglais)

Tarra: Ok. Are you ready? Team B… Who's going first?

Fiona: Er… Me! 

Tarra: Pick your card! And… go!

Fiona: Ok, this is a really easy one… for people who love football and big rock concerts, like me! It's one of the most famous places in London! It was built in the nineteen-twenties, and demolished in two thousand… something… and rebuilt… You know it's where the FA Cup final is played and big concerts, and…

Tarra: Time's up! 

Rose: Wembley Stadium!

Tom: Yes! 

Tarra: Correct. That's one point. Who's up next?

Fiona: I am…

Tarra: Ok, that's for you. Pick your card… go!

Fiona: Ok… It's a thing that is in ruins now… Er… it was built during the roman empire in the north of England… It's er… it was named after the roman emperor who built it. And… It was supposed to stop the Barbarians… the Barbarians being the Scots I guess! And er… now hikers like to walk along it for miles.

Rose: Hikers are people who love going for long hikes, that 's walking in the countryside or in the mountains with a backpack, a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and… often a walking stick…

Fiona: Tom, you do know that the Barbarians weren't the Scots at the time… They were the Picts, from Pictland!

Tom: Are you pulling my leg? I mean, are you joking? or… Is this really true?

Fiona: No… I'm not joking… I'm not pulling your leg… Ach… It's true… Pictland existed way before Scotland…

Tarra: Ok but, do you have an answer? 

Rose: Yes, we do… It's Hadrian's Wall…

Tarra: Is that your final answer? 

Fiona: Final answer! Hadrian's wall…

Tarra: Yes, that is the right answer! Alright! Two points! Your turn Rose!

Rose: Righto!

Fiona: Come on Rose!

Tarra: Ready! Let's go!

Rose: Oh! A piece of cake! 

Tom: A piece of cake is… well… a piece of cake… it means that something is easy… or easy-peasy…

Rose: A piece of cake! Ok, so er… It is in London… right, ok, near Westminster Abbey. Right. It was built… a long time ago… oh but it was enlarged in the 19th century and it became the official royal palace… oops!

Tom: Oh! Rose…

Tarra: Unfortunately, you did say palace… for Buckingham Palace… That is forbidden! So I can't give you the point…

Fiona: No big deal!

Jessie: Sorry! Sorry!

Tarra: So ladies and gentlemen… Can I have your attention, please… At the end of this round that's two points for Team A… two points for Team B. It's a draw!

Jessie: Ok, see you next round!

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