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Anglais03:16Publié le 28/01/2019

Round 1, Team A - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Jeu de société : l'équipe américaine affronte l'équipe britannique.

Jessie, Kyle et Jonathan doivent trouver des lieux célèbres du continent américain ! (texte en anglais)

Tarra: So… Are you ready? Are you comfy?

Tom: Comfy is short for comfortable, so she is really saying: Are you comfortable? Got it? Ok!

Tarra: Here we have Team A, the Americans, and Team B, the Brits. Round 1 is about famous places. Er… Team A you'll be going first. Who wants to play first?

Kyle: Er… I'll go.

Tarra: Ok. So, you have to pick a card and then you have twenty seconds to give at least four facts. I'll be timing so I'll let you know when your time is up… like this… Alright, Jessie, Jonathan, focus please, this part is important: you can't give your answer until the 20 seconds are up. Ok?

Jessie: Ok.

Tarra: You ready? You steady?

Jessie: C'mon. Let's do this!

Tarra: And… go!

Kyle: Oh this is an easy one! Erm… Ok, so this place is in Arizona. It was carved by the Colorado River… it's very long, very wide and very deep. I think it's the longest, but not the deepest in the world. Oh and it's visited by millions of tourists every year.

Jessie: The Grand Canyon?

Jonathan: The Grand Canyon!

Tarra: And that is the correct answer!

Team B: Booo! That was way too easy! 

Jessie: Don't be jealous!

Kyle: Jealous!

Tarra: That's one point for Team A… who's up next?

Jessie: I'll go! 

Tarra: And go!

Jessie: Erm… Ok I know this one… but I don't know what to say about it… er… can I pass?

No, that's not allowed, it's not in the rules.

Jessie: Ok. Ok. Er… It's in Washington D.C., the president lives there and it was built in…

Jonathan: Come on!

Jessie: Ok, I don't even know when it was built…

Kyle: Just say something!

Jessie: It's not black. It's not black.

Kyle and Jonathan: It's the White House… 

Tarra: Yes, that is the correct answer… however I can't give you the point… as Jessie only gave three facts, not four…

Jessie: Oooh! That's not fair!

Kyle: Didn't you listen in history class? 

Jonathan: I'm Canadian and I even know that the White House was built in the 18th century.

Kyle: When you don't know for sure, just try and guess… you might be lucky! 

Jessie: Ok, I'm sorry… Ok… just get off my back!

Tom: If somebody makes you cross or annoyed, you can say: get lost… or leave me alone… or get off my back.

Tarra: Next up… and…

Jessie: Come on Jonathan.

Tarra: Ready, and go!

Jonathan: Ok. It is one of the most impressive places in North America. It is located on the border of Canada and the United States, on the rivers between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Er… It was formed when the glaciers melted at the end of the ice age… It is visited by millions of tourists…

Rose: Niagara Falls… (wearing raincoats)

Kyle: Thanks Rose!

Jessie: Are you serious? We knew the answer… Niagara Falls!

Tarra: That is the correct answer which brings team A to a total of 2 points… next up will be Team B!

Jessie: Two points, beat two points!

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