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Fiona’s ghost story

The Twins' Podcast

Histoire de fantôme par Fiona

Ok, time for the real deal… When I was fifteen, I went on a school trip to Dundee. One night, we were all staying in an old mansion and I was sharing a room with a girl named Suzy. In the middle of the night, I woke up when I heard the door opening... and there, standing in the doorway, was a woman, well… the shadow of a woman… I grabbed my mobile and used the flashlight and there was… nothing, there! So I said to myself: ''Fiona calm down, breathe, there are no such things as ghosts!'' and I tried to go back to sleep. Later, the door opened again and I saw the woman again. But this time, she was sitting on my bed. I completely freaked out and screamed at the top of my voice. Suzy woke up, jumped out of bed and turned on the light and there was… no one, no woman, nothing! The next morning, at breakfast, Suzy was telling the whole group what had happened and they were all making fun of me, when an old crooked man came up to us and said: "Hush… children! Your friend has seen the Lady in Grey, don't make fun… it's bad luck!" So there! I did see a ghost… and that's my very scary moment.

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