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Fire danger! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

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Tarra: Hi there! How ya goin?

Tom: Hello Tarra! Well! Have a look around!

Rose: No leftovers… We've just cleaned up and put all our rubbish away…

Tarra: You two still have a lot to learn!

Tom: What have we done wrong now?

Tarra: Had a barbie, had we?

Rose: Yeah…

Tom: Yeah and we've put the fire out.

Tarra: So, you've put out the fire?

Rose & Tom: Yeah!

Tarra: Ya kiddin me, right? Isn't that smoke? Can't you see and smell the smoke??! Your fire is still smoking!! Go on! And it's dry and windy today… we haven't had rain in weeks!! Let me check… we haven't had rain in 54 days! The bush is dry, really dry… These leaves and twigs could catch fire, like that, and we might have a bushfire on our hands…

Tom: Oh my god!

Rose: What can we do?

Tarra: You need to bury the ashes… have you got a spade?

Rose: No, we haven't got a spade…

Tarra: Have you got a spoon?

Tom: Yes, we have!

Tarra: go on then… give it a go…

Rose: I've got a spoon too, so I can help!

Tarra: Use my spade… but in future, no spade, no fire!

Tom: Ok, thank you!

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