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Respect the rules - Introduction - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Périple en Australie : respecter les règles (texte en anglais)

Tom: Hi I'm Tom!

Rose: And I'm Rose, you're watching the Twins' Podcast.

Tom: Today we're going to learn how to survive… in the Australian bush! In english… with, our friend Tarra from… the globe please… down under!

Tarra: G'day mates!

Rose: Yeah… all that sounds really fun, but… what's the point? Our friends don't need to know how to survive in the Australian bush!

Tarra: You never know… Maybe they'll visit Australia one day… It's a beautiful country…

Tom: I'd love to visit Australia…

Rose: Yes, Tom, but this podcast isn't for you, it's for our friends, they need to practise their english…

Tom: Ok, er… how about this… excuse me… Today, friends, we are going to learn about rules: you shouldn't do this! You mustn't do that! And the consequences when you don't follow those rules: you could get lost… you may die! Arghhh!

Rose: Ok thank you Tom… All of that in english!

Tarra: And in a lovely aussie accent!

Tom: And we'll learn how to survive in the Australian bush!


When you are in a foreign country, you must respect some rules. In Australia, Tarra explains to Rose and Tom why they have to respect the places otherwise there will be danger: fire, nature, animal, food and car journey!

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