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Info about Jessie and Kyle

The Twins' Podcast

Les Twins' Podcast accueillent leurs amis américains !

Rose: So we started this podcast to teach all our friends how to speak good english…

Tom: But then they said we want to learn american english too… Fair enough! So we invited our two american friends!

Rose: Let me give you some info about them… OK, so… Jessie and Kyle come from New York City.

Jessie is 25 years old and Kyle is 24. They both live and work in London. Jessie is a graphic designer. She's very artistic and she's also very musical… She can play the guitar and she just loves american folk music. 

Kyle is a web designer. He's the sporty type… Apparently, he likes getting up early in the morning and going for a run in Hyde Park.

Anyway… Jessie and Kyle are great fun and we're really happy to have them here on the Twins' podcast!


Let's introduce you to Jessie and Kyle.

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