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What about Tom? (part 2) - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Les aventures de Tom (deuxième partie) (texte en anglais)

Rose: Now part two. So, you've already climbed a tree right?

Tom: Yeah!

Rose: Would you do it again?

Tom: Yeah, anytime, it's great fun…

Rose: Ok! One more point! And now… You've never climbed an ice wall but would you do it?

Tom: Yeah, I'd like to…

Rose: Honestly?

Tom: Yeah, honestly, I'm a great mountain-climber!

Rose: Are you really? Ok, one more point. Now I guess you wouldn't touch a spider…

Tom: No, I wouldn't… not that I'm scared of them…

Rose: Oh no… You're not scared… no no no… it's not you, it's the spiders… they're scary…

Tom: Yeah… exactly!

Rose: Well, exactly no point! Now… You've touched a rat before, would you do it again?

Tom: Yeah, of course… easy-peasy!

Rose: And I guess you'd go ice-skating…

Tom: Oh yeah, definitely! Anytime!

Rose: Ok, and how about kite surfing?

Tom: Oh yeah, I'd love to go kite surfing… Are you paying?

Rose: Well, I'm certainly not paying, but I’ll give you another point… Ok, so that's a total of 10 points out of 18. And I guess that means I won! I'm the best!

Tom: I want a recount!!

Rose: No, it’s me, I won!


Découvre la suite des aventures de Tom et celles de Rose dans : What about Rose? (part 1) et What about Rose? (part 2)

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