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What about Tom? (part 1) - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Les aventures de Tom (première partie) (texte en anglais)

Rose: Ok, round two… my turn to ask the questions and you answer… no cheating! Please, take a seat! Here we go! So Tom, have you ever climbed a tree?

Tom: Yes, I have. Of course, I have!

Rose: Easy… 1 point. Have you ever climbed an ice wall?

Tom: An ice wall… But there are no ice walls in Britain!

Rose: Well! Please answer the question! Yes or no?

Tom: No, I haven't…

Rose: Well then, no points! Now… Have you ever touched a spider?

Tom: A spider! Oh god… No!! Never have and never will! I hate spiders… They are gross! They're hairy… And they're poisonous…

Rose: Ok, ok! Zero point again then… And have you ever touched a rat?

Tom: Yeah, I have actually… My best friend's pet is a rat!

Rose: What? Zack has a rat! And I've been to his flat… Oh my god! 3 points! And… have you ever been ice-skating?

Tom: Oh yes, quite often… I love ice-skating!

Rose: Ok one more point then… and have you ever been kite surfing?

Tom: Kite surfing! No! That's too expensive!

Rose: Well, no point then!

Tom: That's unfair!

Rose: That's life, bro!


Découvre la suite des aventures de Tom et celles de Rose dans : What about Rose? (part 1) et What about Rose? (part 2)

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