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What about Rose? (part 1) - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Les aventures de Rose (première partie) (texte en anglais)

Tom: Rose, look, I've just found this quiz on the Internet… How adventurous are you?

Rose: Sounds fun!

Tom: Let's take it… and see how we score!

Rose: Oh yes, I'll win! I'm a dare-devil!

Tom: Yeah… I'll just print it! And anyway, I'm gonna beat her… Adventure is my middle name! OK, come on, please sit down.

Rose: Thank you!

Tom: Quiz one, for you. I'll ask the questions and you answer… and no lies! So, have you ever driven a bumper car?

Rose: Yes, I have.

Tom: Ok… 1 point. Now, have you ever driven a jet ski?

Rose: No, I haven't…

Tom: No?

Rose: No…

Tom: Ok… No points… Have you ever touched a worm?

Rose: Yes, I have…

Tom: yeah… Ok … 1 point… Have you ever touched a snake?

Rose: No… Uh… Well, yes, I have… but get that away from me… Yes, I have touched a snake actually, once!

Tom: Ok 3 points then!

Rose: Three! Oooh Oooh!

Tom: Ok! Have you ever been hot air ballooning?

Rose: No, I haven't! It's just far too expensive!

Tom: Well no points then!

Rose: What? That's unfair!

Tom: That's life, sis! Now, next question… have you ever been zip-lining?

Rose: Yes, I have been zip-lining… I love zip-lining!

Tom: Ok then, 3 points.


Découvre la suite des aventures de Rose et celles de Tom : What about Tom? (part 1) et What about Tom? (part 2)

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