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What about Rose? (part 2) - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Les aventures de Rose (deuxième partie) (texte en anglais)

Tom: Ok and now part two… So, you have driven a bumper car, right?

Rose: Yes…

Tom: Ok! Would you do it again?

Rose: Oh yes, definitely, it's fun… anytime. Do I get more points?

Tom: Yes, but just one! Now… Let's go on… You've never driven a jet ski.

Rose: No…

Tom: Ok. Would you like to?

Rose: Uh, no… It's too noisy and too dangerous! 

Tom: Yeah, you driving, that's dangerous!

Rose: Ok! Get lost! I've never had an accident… unlike some people!

Tom: Ah ah… an accident... it was a tiny scratch! Anyway no points! Now you've already touched a worm and a snake… Would you do it again?

Rose: No and no… worms are gross and snakes are scary!

Tom: Ok then… 

Rose: No, thank you… Not for me!

Tom: No points… Ok. How about hot air ballooning?

Rose: Oh yes, I'd love to go hot-air ballooning! But… are you paying?

Tom: No! But you get one point! And I suppose you'd like to go zip-lining again!

Rose: Oh yes, anytime! I love zip-lining!

Tom: Ok, so that's one more point… and you get a total of… er… 11 out of 18. And your result is… from 12 to… oh no… sorry; and your result is… between 6 and 12 points: You are quite brave and adventurous and you are ready to try new experiences... but you don't want to put yourself in any really unpleasant situations. That's fair enough!

Rose: Well, I'm still a daredevil… just not with creepy-crawlies!


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