Vidéo : Rose’s cross-examination - Dialogue en anglais

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Rose’s cross-examination - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Après sa mini-histoire ratée... Rose donne des détails.

Un épisode embarrassant : l'interrogatoire de Rose (texte en anglais)

Tom: So… where were you?

Rose: I was at home, alone.

Fiona: You were alone… You didn't tell us that before! So where was your brother?

Rose: He was at the cinema.

Tom: And what were you doing when the storm broke out?

Rose: I was sitting on the couch, watching my favourite TV series and hugging my favourite cushion…

Fiona: Ok and why did the lights go out?

Rose: Oh… I don't know… I heard a loud noise, like an explosion… and then the lights went out.

Tom: How did you feel?

Rose: How did I feel? I was terrified! I hate storms… and… I was on my own, in the dark!

Tom: Ok now we know why you dived under the table! You were terrified…

Fiona: But I still don't understand… You were terrified but you fell asleep…

Rose: Uh… I was too scared to come out… so… I fell asleep…

Fiona: And that's your scary moment…

Rose: Yes, scary and embarrassing! Because when I woke up my stupid brother was taking photos of me… I was under the table in my pink princess pyjamas… hugging a cushion!

Tom: Yeah… That is kind of embarrassing… And not your best look, but I had a good laugh! And you had great pyjamas… and great photos!

Fiona: Ok great, this time you're going to re-tell it, with all the details and the right tone of voice!


Retrouve toute l'histoire de Rose dans Rose's mini story et Rose's embarrassing moment.

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