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Tom’s cross-examination

The Twins' Podcast

La drôle de mésaventure : l'interrogatoire de Tom

Fiona: First question: why did the police come to the door in the middle of the night?

Tom: Because the neighbours phoned them! 

Fiona: Were you listening to very loud music, Sir?

Tom: No, we weren't…

Rose: Oh… Were you making a lot of noise? 

Tom: No, we weren't…

Fiona: Wait! You said you were working on a final exam, but you go to a musical theatre school… So perhaps, you were in fact rehearsing.

Tom: Yes, we were…

Fiona: And which musical was it Sir?

Tom: West Side Story!

Rose: West Side Story… right… West side… I've got it! You were rehearsing the fighting scene! You were being Riff and…

Fiona: and Bernardo…

Rose: and Bernardo… Riff and Bernardo…

Tom: Bingo!

Fiona: Oh… And the neighbours saw you…

Tom: Yeah… The window was open because we were hot and they thought that we were fighting for real… with knives!

Fiona: That's too funny, Tom! That's hilarious!

Rose: Yeah, that's a really good one… Tell us the whole story!

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