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Rose’s embarrassing moment

The Twins' Podcast

Un épisode embarrassant : Rose raconte

Ok, here's the whole story. One night, my brother went to the cinema, so I was at home, alone. I was sitting on the couch, watching my favourite TV series and hugging my favourite cushion when all of a sudden, the most violent storm broke out. Now, I don't like storms at all. In fact I hate storms. And then, I heard a noise… like an explosion… and the lights went out. I was in the dark… on my own… so I dived under the table, with my cushion. In the end, I fell asleep! I was too scared to come out! When I woke up, my stupid brother was there, taking photos with his phone… I was wearing my pink princess pyjamas and hugging a cushion under the table! Sooo embarrassing!

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