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And this is Rose! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Qui est Rose des Twins' Podcast ? (texte en anglais)

Tom: Oh hello! What’s your name?

Rose: I’m Rose, my name is Rose.

Tom: And… er… How old are you Rose?

Rose: I’m 23!

Tom: She’s 23 too… And… where do you live?

Rose: Well I live in London but I come from Yorkshire…

Tom: I come from Yorkshire too! Where were you born?

Rose: In Leeds…

Tom: This is crazy!!! And, do you go to a musical theatre school?

Rose: Yes, I do. I love singing… and acting!

Tom: Are you my twin sister?

Rose: Yes, I am! Lucky you! And WE started this podcast! It was OUR idea!

Tom: You know… my idea, your idea, our idea… we’re twins!

Rose and Tom: It’s the Twins’ Podcast! It's… the Twins' podcast!

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