Vidéo : At the food hall (1/2) - Dialogue en anglais

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At the food hall (1/2) - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Enrichis ton vocabulaire en anglais avec Tom au food hall ! (texte en anglais)

Rose: Hello.

Tom: Hello.

Rose: Have you made your choice yet?

Tom: Yes, I'll have er… spicy shrimps and noodles, please. Spicy means hot!

Rose: Ok, and what size would you like? Small, medium, large?

Tom: Oh, large please.

Rose: Ok, and would you like something to drink?

Tom: Oh, yes. Erm… some water, please, just still water.

Rose: Just water? Ok, one still water. I'll just go and get that ready for you.

Tom: How much is it please?

Rose: Oh, yes. Let me see… Ok, so that will be £14.60, please.

Tom: Wow! That's expensive. Next time I'll have a small portion… Here you go. Er… 14.60?

Rose: Yes, £14.60.

Tom: And 60. There you go.

Rose: Ok.

Tom: Thank you.

Rose: £14.60. Great. I'll just be a minute.

Tom: Thanks.

Rose: Ok. So, we have one large noodles, one large shrimp, your still water. Would you like some sauce?

Tom: Yeah, please. Thanks.

Rose: Ok. And, of course, don't forget your chopsticks.

Tom: Thanks. Great!

Rose: Thank you very much. Bye!

Tom: Bye!

Rose: Good luck!

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