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At the food truck (1/2)

The Twins' Podcast

Enrichis ton vocabulaire en anglais avec Kyle au food truck !

Kyle: Hi!

Jessie: Hello! Welcome to Bob's Burger on wheels. What can I get you?

Kyle: Umm… Let me see. I’ll have a hamburger with French fries, please.

Jessie: Okay, anything to drink?

Kyle: I’ll have a soda. Also… could you add bacon to my burger please?

Jessie: Sure, no problem. So that's a hamburger with bacon and an order of fries, and a soda. So that will be $9.80 all together, please.

Kyle: Here.

Jessie: Thank you! That’ll be ready in 5.

Kyle: Sounds good.

Jessie: Next in line, please.

Kyle: OK, my turn to run this place!

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