Vidéo : At the food truck (2/2) - Dialogue en anglais

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At the food truck (2/2) - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Enrichis ton vocabulaire en anglais avec Jessie au food truck ! (texte en anglais)

Jessie: Hi.

Kyle: Hey there. Do you know what you want?

Jessie: Hum… I dunno… What do I want…?

Kyle: Um… Lucky we only have 5 items to choose from…!

Jessie: I got it! Er… chicken tacos and er… a diet soda.

Kyle: Extra cheese on the tacos?

Jessie: Yeah, why not?

Kyle: That will be 9 dollars.

Jessie: Huh, I'm gonna do the math. Chicken tacos, $5.50. Extra cheese, $1.10. And a diet soda $1.40. Hum… In my book…(or in my opinion) that's… $8, not 9 dollars. Hey… er… That's 8 not 9 dollars!?

Kyle: My bad, sorry.

Jessie: No problem. There you go!

Kyle: Thanks. Enjoy!

Jessie: Thank you.

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